The inaugural PlutusFest took place at the University of Edinburgh on December 11, 2018. The event brought together for the first time the world-class team designing Plutus, the smart contracts language for Cardano, and Marlowe, an easy way for non-programmers to write financial contracts. The successful day included presentations and debate, and if you weren’t able to attend you can catch up here with what happened.

Discover Plutus with Professor Philip Wadler, leader of the Plutus team, at the IOHK blog.

Learn about Marlowe from Professor Simon Thompson, who leads the Marlowe team.

Read Amy Reeve’s PlutusFest blog post.


These links will take you to the pages for the Plutus and Marlowe papers and tools:


Aggelos Kiayias BTL-IOHK .pdf .key
James Chapman plutusfest-chapman .pdf .key
Manuel Chakravarty PlutusFest Plutus and Extended UTxO .key
Michael Peyton-Jones Plutus Playgrounds presentation .pdf .pptx
Recursive Types presentation .pdf .pptx
Philip Wadler Wadler10 .pdf .key
Wadler30 .pdf .key
Simon Thompson PlutusFest .pdf .key

View the speakers’ presentations